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NDC Speaker Info E-Zone


Presentations and AV

If possible, please send over your presentation no later than Friday 11th October to Abbie on If this is not possible, please bring your presentation with you on the day on a USB stick. All presentations should be set to widescreen 16.9 on a PowerPoint file. Just to reiterate we would ask that your presentation last around 20 minutes as that allows time for the audience to ask questions afterwards.

We would encourage you to use videos or media within your presentation, it is mandatory to check your slide deck and that the audio/video are working correctly with the AV technician on site prior to your speaking slot. This is best done during the networking breaks, or morning registration if you have an early speaking slot. This will ensure your presentation is delivered without any technical difficulties or formatting issues. We do not accept any responsibility for your presentation going wrong on the day.

All speakers will be provided with a lectern microphone, clicker and screen to view your presentation.

What to include and not to include in your presentation

As the experts, we will of course let you decide what to include in your briefings but please refrain from giving unnecessary background information into your subject (as many other briefers may have already covered this) and try to avoid, unless called for, organisational structure charts. Your presentation should be no longer than 10-15 slides. If someone is very interested in hearing more about you, they can speak to you during the networking breaks.

Post Conference

It is our policy to distribute the slides of each presentation after the event to all conference attendees. If you do not want your presentation distributed after the conference, or would like it edited before we release it, then please let Abbie know.


We are very pleased that you are able to join us at our Naval Damage Control event. We are extremely grateful to our Industry partners that, thanks to their support, we are able to offer free passes to all military and public sector guests. You may well be approached onsite by members of our team asking to introduce you to some of these partners. We would respectfully ask that you facilitate this where possible as this will only happen when there is a shared interest between parties.