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NDC Exhibitor Information


Exhibition set up – Monday 21st October 7pm – 10pm in The Ballroom & Foyer, the ceiling height of The Ballroom is 4.27m & the foyer is 2.6m, therefore please double check the height of your pop-up stand. Most pop-up stands are 7.08ft/2.2m to 7.2ft/2.4m in height.

Stand Size - Please note the average stand size will be 2.7m (W) x 2m (D), please ensure your stands are built to these specifications.

Deliveries - Please label all items with the postage label provided.

If you are NOT in the European Union please do not ship any goods with a courier such as FEDEX, TNT, DHL etc without consulting CEVA prior to shipping.

Incorrectly consigned/shipped goods will be quarantined by the courier and face both lengthy and costly delays.

Hand carried deliveries can arrive Monday 21st October directly to the venue during set up hours.

Any deliveries either arriving before Monday or not possible to hand carry MUST be shipped to the advanced warehouse and stored with CEVA for a fee, they will deliver any stored items Monday in preparation for set up.

If you require any empty cases, boxes or pallets stored during the show CEVA can collect from the stand, store and return to the stand at the end of the show.

Please note the hotel are not insured to move any heavy deliveries.

Access – Exhibitor items can be loaded directly into The Ballroom via the foyer doors. Doors to The Ballroom 3.5m wide & 2.6m high.

Furniture/Electricity – Each exhibitor will have 1 x 6ft wide x 30 inches trestle table with cloth, 2 chairs and access to a power.

Adapters are not provided on the day, if any of your equipment requires one, please bring your own.

AV equipment Hire: please contact Martyn at Profile Productions via email:

Exhibition Break Down - Exhibition break down can begin on Thursday 24th October after the last networking break. Deliveries must be
picked up on the 24th after the event. Suggested courier information on the next page.