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Scott Kuhns

Scott Kuhns

Programme Development, NAVAIR SYSCOM Security Cooperation Office

Mr. Scott Kuhns is leading PMA272 into the next decade. Mr. Kuhns has a unique perspective as he originally served as an enlisted maintainer and operator in avionics before earning his college degree to work Weapons System Integration (WSI) for the F/A-18 Program.  Moving on in his Government career, he moved to Foreign Military Sales (FMS) as Deputy PM on a major F/A-18 program and honed his knowledge and experience of management and acquisition. 

In 2014, Mr. Kuhns started his journey with Electronic Warfare (EW) / Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE) by becoming the FMS Lead for the Assault pillar of PMA272 EW portfolio.  With his unique background and understanding of aircraft, aircraft integration and acquisition management, Mr. Kuhns quickly began to streamline the FMS acquisition process and create a positive effect.  By 2017, he developed the first ever EW software User Group drastically reducing software costs to both Domestic and FMS Partners. 

In 2020, Mr. Kuhns became the International PM for PMA272.  He immediately began employing his unique approach to FMS across all four (4) pillars of PMA272 EW / ASE with amazing results.  These results are apparent with the far-reaching positive feedback of the International Partners and Domestic counterparts.