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Pongsak Somboon

Pongsak Somboon

Commander Submarine Squadron, Royal Thai Navy

Rear Admiral Pongsak Somboon was born in 1966 in Bangkok. He joined the navy as Naval cadet in 1985 and graduated from Royal Thai Naval Academy in 1990. He started his
career as Weaponry Officer in H.T.M.S.Talang, Mine Squadron. He had studied about Ship Hydrodynamic testing Technique in China during 1992-1994. Hehasalso had the master degree of Computer Science from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in 1996.

During his rank of LCDR, He had commanded patrol ship. H.T.M.S.Klongyai in Patrol Squadron responsible for patrolling the upper part of Thai Gulf. He had joined the Junior Officer’s Staff course in HMAS Creswell, Australia. He had worked as staff officer in Naval Personnel Department, acted as Deputy Director of Policy and Plan, and Naval Operations Department. After graduated from Naval Command and Staff College, he had attended the security course in Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studied in Hawaii, USA in 2002. He returned to Australia to join Defence Management Seminar in 2004. He also had a chance to attend the United Nations Logistic Course in Canada in 2005 and he had backed to Australia again for Defence and Strategic Studies Course in Canberra, 2007.

He was promoted to be Senior Captain In 2013 as the commander of 1st Flotilla of Riverine Squadron. Then he took part in the Naval War College, Naval Education Department, and graduated in 2014. He was representative of the Royal Thai Navy as the Naval Attache to Beijing, the People Republic of China in 2015. He was promoted to be Rear Admiral in October, 2020 and have taken command of Submarine Squadron since then.