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Martin Byrne

Martin Byrne

Project Director - Canadian Patrol Submarine Project, Royal Canadian Navy

Commander Martin Byrne joined the Royal Canadian Navy in 1988. He has sailed in both submarines and surface combatants and has had a variety of postings in interesting shore positions including joint operational experience, an exchange with the United States Navy at the Surface Warfare Development Group in Norfolk Virginia, Deputy Director of the Canadian Forces Integrated Command Centre at CJOC HQ in Ottawa and three years as an Operational Requirements Manager for the Joint Battlespace Management Capability Project within the Information Management Group of DND.

Cdr Byrne has been employed at the Directorate of Naval Requirements (DNR) since 2017 where he has been responsible for both under water warfare and submarine requirements. He is currently the Director of the Canadian Patrol Submarine Project (CPSP) which will replace the existing Victoria-class submarine fleet in the mid-2030s.