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Lorenzo Poliseno

Lorenzo Poliseno

LSS Deputy Program Manager, OCCAR

Lorenzo Poliseno is the Deputy Programme Manager of the OCCAR Logistic Support Ship (LSS) Programme Division.

Rear Admiral of the Italian Navy, he was born in Bari (Italy) on 18th of August 1970.

He joined the Navy in 1989. He graduated with a BS in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering in 1995 and has a Master in International Relation and Strategy at Italian Navy Joint Staff College and University of Rome Luiss.

After serving on board of different IT NAVY warships for 12 years, he held several assignments within Defence Procurement, Operational and Logistic Environment, International and Navy General Staff branches such as:

• Italian Navy General Directorate for Weapons and Ships, national and international procurement;

• Assistant Naval Attaché to the Italian Embassy in Washington, DC (USA), with secondary accreditation in Mexico;

• Director of the Italian Navy Shipyard based in Brindisi (Italy)

Operational fleet Command, Chief of Efficency Departmen, in charge of the efficiency of the entire Italian fleet (Ships and Submarines).

In October 2021, he joined OCCAR as Deputy Programme Manager for the LSS Programme Division.