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Nick Samuels

Nick Samuels

Operations Officer, ISMERLO

Nick joined the Royal Navy in 1986 and became a member of the Submarine Service in 1989. With assignments in Trafalgar, Swiftsure and Vanguard class submarines, Nick has served in many parts of the world and has conducted the full range of submarine operations. The most notable were two periods of under ice Arctic operations in 2004 and 2007 onboard HMS TIRELESS conducting exercises to develop under ice warfare and scientific research this included surfacing through ice at the North Pole in 2004. After being a student on the Submarine Command Course (SMCC) in 2008, Nick had an extended period of being the Head of Training in the Devonport Submarine Training Facility as a member of the Flag Officer Sea Training organisation. He led the team in providing safety and operational deployment training for Submarine Command Teams, Submarine Command Course foreign students and other NATO and Royal Navy professional courses as well as delivering the submarine Principal Warfare Officer course. In 2016 Nick undertook the very demanding staff officer role as the Royal Navy submarine programmer in Northwood HQ. In 2020 Nick moved to the ISMERLO Operations officer position with the major head mark being the launch of the new ISMERLO website in January 2021 and the review of the NATO Submarine Search and Rescue Manual. Most recently, Nick deployed to Indonesia during the sinking of KRI NANGGALA tragedy and provided SMER SME to the Indonesian Navy based onboard the command platform at the sink datum.