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Jüri Saska

Jüri Saska

Commander, Estonian Navy
Jüri Saska was born on 20th of August 1974 in Estonia. He joined Estonian Armed forces as conscript in 1993. Upon completion of his naval officer’s basic course at Swedish Military Academy in 1998 he served on several positions on minehunters. During his onboard service he also completed Mine Warfare Staff Officer’s course at Belgium-Netherlands Mine Warfare School and tactical course at Swedish Military Academy. He also served as staff officer in Baltic States’ common mine countermeasures squadron (BALTRON). He completed his duty afloat by assuming the command of ENS Admiral Pitka prior her service as staff ship for Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1 in 2006 during period of 10 months. Subsequently at service ashore he served on staff positions at Naval Staff and after his studies at US Naval War College in 2008 he was appointed as Commander of Naval Base. In 2011 he was appointed as Assistant Chief of Staff for Planning and Operational department. Promoted to Commander in 2012, he continued on his previous post until August 2012 when he received his appointment as Chief of Naval Staff. After the reorganization of Estonian Navy command in 2014, he was appointed as Commander of Flotilla. On completion of his studies in US Naval War College Command Course in 2016 he continued his service as Commander of Flotilla. As of February 1st 2017, defense minister appointed him as Commander of the Estonian Navy. On 15th of February 2017 Jüri Saska was promoted to Captain (Navy). On 18th of February 2020 Jüri Saska was promoted to Commodore. He is a graduate of Tallinn School of Applied Sciences and Salve Regina University- M. A. in International Relations. He is fluent in four languages- Estonian, English, Swedish and Russian. Jüri is married to Egle and is a proud father of two- daughter Johanna and son Joosep. On his spare time Jüri is passionate about woodworking, cars and motorcycles.