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Iain McNeil

Iain McNeil

CEO, Matrix Pro Sims
Iain has always had a passion for wargaming. He competed internationally while growing up and became the UK, European, and World Champion. In 2000 he turned his passion into a profession and founded Slitherine, a developer, and publisher of digital wargames and strategy games. Over twenty years of activity, Slitherine has released an excess of 300 games and simulations covering every period of history, genre, and scale. Since 2015 Slitherine has been working with professional organizations across 23 countries using these products for analysis, training, and research. Some of these are the most advanced simulations available in the defense market, and Iain was instrumental in spreading the importance of wargaming throughout the industry. He is also the UK representative to NATO for MSG 189 and MSG 198.