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Ian Brown

Ian Brown

Smeras Head of Training, Royal Navy

WO1 Brown joined the Royal Navy at the age of 16 on 22nd October 1984 as a Junior Weapon Engineer 2nd Class. He spent 15 years in the General Service, including various operational patrols, on board HMS Naiad, HMS Coventry, HMS Liverpool, and HMS Westminster. During this time, he went from WEM to Petty Officer.

Looking for a new challenge he left the General Service for the Submarine Service and qualified as Petty Officer SWS on the Vanguard class Submarine.

Once again looking for a new challenge he successfully transferred to the Coxswain Branch in 2007 and was promoted CPO Coxswain and served on board HMS Vengeance, Victorious, Ambush and Audacious as the Coxswain as well as serving in FOST SM as a sea rider.

In 2017 he was promoted WO1 and served at the Submarine School at HMS RALEIGH before completing 2 years as the Training Officer for SMQ North.

In March 2022 he was selected for the Head of Training for the Submarine Escape Rescue Abandonment and Survivability (SMERAS) Facility.

He now trains for fitness and personal development. In 2018 he graduated in sports injury massage level 3 from Newcastle University and is unfortunately a frustrated Sunderland football fan. He lives in Sunderland with his wife Alison and has a daughter Lauren and son Nathan.