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Florentin Dhellemmes

Florentin Dhellemmes

Combat System Programme Officer, French Navy

Cdr Florentin DHELLEMMES join the French Naval Academy in 2007 after completing a master degree in engineering at ENSAM PARISTECH.

After a first appointment onboard an OPV, he joined, in July 2012, CVN CHARLES DE GAULLE as gunnery officer. He took part into OPERATION BOIS BELLEAU as OOW and PWO.

On July, 7th 2014, he took command of training ship JAGUAR.

In September 2015, he joined the Royal Navy Maritime Warfare School (British PWO course). He was appointed as gunnery officer onboard HMS DUNCAN.

In July 2018, he rejoined CVN CHARLES DE GAULLE as head of the gunnery department. He took part to OPERATION CLEMENCEAU and FOCH as PWO/AWO.

On August 2020, he took command of A69 class FF COMMANDANT BIROT. He drove the ship during the 155th CORYMBE deployment (Gulf of Guinea). He then deployed to the Black Sea to maintain the freedom of navigation.

He handed over the command in January 2022 and deployed onboard CVN CHARLES DE GAULLE as BWC. During this deployment, he actively took part in monitoring the Ukrain-Russia conflict.

Having passed the selection to enter the French War College, he joined Paris in September 2022. In July 2023, he is appointed as Combat Management System Program Officer at the French Navy Headquarters in Paris.