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Daniel Weil RN

Daniel Weil RN

Co-Director (UK), London Tech-Bridge
Daniel Weil is an Air Engineer Officer having served in the Royal Navy since 1999. Whilst frontline he has primarily supported Commando aviation including operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, fielding the new Wildcat helicopter and the globally deployed Commando Merlin. He has undertaken project management roles within the F35 program and across Joint Helicopter Command. He was a the airworthiness and delivery team lead the introduction of rapid in Service helicopter modifications across Defence followed by staff officer roles with responsibility for In Service Capability Management of all RN rotary wing platforms. Attendance at the French Ecole de Guerre was followed by an assignment to the staff of the French Chief of Navy before returning as the Chief Aircraft Engineer of the Commando Helicopter Force. He is now Co-Director of the London Tech Bridge with responsibility for collaborative working alongside the US Navy to bring novel technologies to bear to solve the problems facing sailors and marines today and into the future.