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Charles-Henri Thouaille

Charles-Henri Thouaille

CO Channel and North Sea and Maritime Surveillance Network, French Navy

Lieutenant commander Charles-Henri THOUAILLE, commanding officer Channel and North Sea operational surveillance and information command (maritime and coastal surveillance network).

Lt CDR Charles-Henri Thouaille joins the French navy in 2008. Serving first as flag lieutenant and public affairs officer to the admiral commanding French MARFOR, he subsequently specialises in maritime civil contingency planning and response.

After three years at the French Indian Ocean maritime zone command, he serves at the Channel and North Sea maritime prefecture from 2012 to 2015 where he is in charge of counter pollution contingency planning and response.

From 2015 to 2018, he serves as operations officer at the French navy counter pollution response unit (CEPPOL) where he is involved in a number of salvage and counter pollution response operations.

From 2018, he serves at the Mediterranean maritime prefecture as head of the maritime contingency planning and response department. While serving at the maritime prefecture, he plays a leading role in the salvage and counter pollution operations following the collision between “Ulysses” and “Virginia” North of Corsica Island, and the grounding of “Rhodanus” in the straits of Bonifacio.

From 2020, he serves aboard French ship “Dupuy de Lôme” as officer of the watch and head of department.

He takes command of the Channel and North Sea operational surveillance and information command on the 11 th July 2022.