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Cedric Chetaille

Cedric Chetaille

Naval Staff - Seabed Warfare, French Navy

Graduated from the Naval Academy in 1994, Rear-admiral Cédric Chetaille started his career onboard a patrol ship, P684 "La Fougueuse", operating throughout the West Indies and the French Guiana Theater. In 1996, he was assigned to an 800-tons diesel attack submarine SSK "Psyché" before participating in 1997 to the first operational deployment of the newly commissioned SSBN, S-616 "Le Triomphant".

After the command of the training ship "Jaguar" in 1998-1999, he graduated from the Academy of Combat Systems and Naval Weapons in 2000, specialized in Undersea Warfare. Until 2005, he alternated assignments as Head of Weapons Department or Warfare Officer of SSN S-605 "Perle", SSN S-604 "Emeraude" and SSBN S-616 "Le Triomphant". In 2005, he was posted as Executive-Officer of SSN S-605 "Perle". He took part during these assignments in all the major standing or specific operations carried out by the French Navy in the Mediterranean, North Atlantic and Indian Ocean, as well as in NATO operations (Enduring Freedom).

He served in 2008 as head of the undersea warfare department at the Naval Training Center of SaintMandrier, France. In 2008-2011, as Commanding Officer of SSN S-605 "Améthyste", he carried out three operational deployments, amongst them was a participation in Unified Protector, a NATO operation, and in Harmattan, a major national operation (war against the Gaddafi regime's forces in Libya). He served during one year as Executive Officer of SSBN S-619 "Le Terrible".

From 2012 to 2014, Rear-Admiral Cédric Chetaille served within the staff of the Strategic Submarine Forces (FOST) as Head of the Human Resource Department, and was then posted to the Navy Headquarters in Paris, as part of the "Transformation Marine Horizon 2025" project team and took part in the reflections made necessary by the Defense Review.

From August 2014 to August 2016, as Commanding Officer of the SSBN S-619 "Le Terrible", he carried out two operational sea tours. From July 2016 to June 2018, he was assigned as deputy CJ2 at the Joint Staff (CPCO – Paris) before serving as Deputy Defense Attaché and Naval Attaché at the Embassy of France, Washington, DC, from 2019 to 2022. From August 2022 to August 2023, RearAdmiral Cédric Chetaille served as Deputy commander of the French Maritime Force (DCOM FRMARFOR).

Rear-Admiral Cédric Chetaille was a student of the War College in the United Kingdom (Advanced Command and Staff Course 11) in 2007-2008, graduated with a Master of Arts in Defense Policies from King's College (London -2009), graduated from the National War College (Washington 2018/2019) (Concentration in nuclear strategies).

Rear-Admiral Chetaille was appointed in August 2023, as Deputy to the Assistant Chief of French Navy for Operations, in charge of the seabed warfare, Force Protection Navy Authority and Flag Officer for Aeronautical Safety in the Navy.

Married and father of 5, Rear-Admiral Cédric Chetaille is an Officer in the French National Order of the Legion of Honor, Knight of Maritime Merit, and was awarded three Mentions in Dispatch.