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Sean Brady RM

Sean Brady RM

Navy Dev-DD IR25 Shipbuilding, Royal Navy

Brigadier Sean Brady joined the Royal Marines in 1995 and after completing commando training, he completed a number of junior officer jobs including time as a troop commander, unit intelligence officer and psychological warfare operator. During this period, he completed several operational deployments to Bosnia, Sierra Leone, Macedonia, and Afghanistan. Following junior staff college, he commanded Y Troop, the Royal Marines electronic warfare/signal intelligence organisation, during the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

On promotion to Major in 2005 he joined the Land and Littoral Manoeuvre team at Navy Command and was responsible for shaping the future amphibious capability. During this appointment he also returned to Afghanistan for Herrick 5 and took on the role of operations officer for 30 Commando. He attended Advanced Command and Staff College in 2007 before joining 40 Commando in 2008 to command Alpha Company. Completing several amphibious deployments, including time in the jungle in Brunei, he then commanded Alpha Company on Herrick 12 in Sangin for 6 months in the summer of 2010.

On promotion to Lt Col he was initially the staff officer for the Royal Marines Reserve for 12 months before switching to work directly for the Commandant General Royal Marines to advise on strategic planning and communications. In 2012 he returned to the Land and Littoral Manoeuvre team at Navy Command as chief of staff before taking command of Support Wing at Commando Trading Centre Royal Marines in the summer of 2014.

He was then personally selected to be the Service Inquiry President to investigate the circumstances surrounding the deaths of 3 soldiers on Special Forces Selection. In May 2017 he returned again to Afghanistan as the chief planner for coalition operations across the country and was instrumental in developing a strategic air campaign designed to target insurgent revenue sources.

He promoted to Colonel in June 2019 and took over as the Programme Director for the Littoral Strike Ship Programme, and in Oct 2019 his portfolio was widened to include the strategic planning for all Royal Navy shipbuilding activity. He was responsible for developing the revised 30-year shipbuilding programme for the Royal Navy that led to further investment at the 2021 Integrated Review. Building on this success he was, promoted to Brigadier and made the Senior Responsible Owner for the new shipbuilding programmes in Sep 21.

Sean Brady is 49 years old and has a BSc in Oceanography with Geology, an MA in Defence Studies, and an MBA. He has one daughter (Orla – 13) and one mad springer spaniel. He enjoys all outdoor activities, especially mountain biking