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Andre van der Kamp

Andre van der Kamp

Head of Naval Projects, Directorate of Material Netherlands Armed Forces

André van der Kamp was born on 26 Jun 1967.

In 1985 he joined the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN), attending the Naval Academy as a Midshipman. After completing Initial Officers’ Training in 1988, he served as a Bridge Watchkeeper on Mine Hunter HNLMS ZIERIKZEE. In 1990 he continued officers’ training, graduating in Weaponry. In his second tour as Bridge Watchkeeper, he served on board Frigate HNLMS VAN KINSBERGEN. In 1992 he was trained as a Principal Warfare Officer (PWO) and Air Defence Officer (ADO) in the Dutch-Belgian Operational School, specialising in artillery. He served as both PWO and ADO on the guided missile frigates HNLMS DE RUYTER and HNLMS TROMP, which participated in FOST and NATO Operation SHARP GUARD; the embargo operation in the Adriatic against former Yugoslavia. In 1996 he was employed for 2 years at the NATO Maritime Headquarters in Northwood (UK), in the position of aide to the deputy CINCEASTLANT. Back in the Netherlands, he served on board Frigate HNLMS KAREL DOORMAN (which included a FOST and NRF deployment) and whilst on board the Air Defence frigate HNLMS JACOB VAN HEEMSKERCK he participated in US-led Maritime Interdiction Operations in the Persian Gulf. In 2000, following promotion to Lieutenant Commander, he became Department Head of Operations on board HNLMS VAN GALEN which included a Counter Drugs operation in the Caribbean. In 2001 he was assigned to the Department of Economic Management in The Hague as an operational auditor, followed in 2002 by a transfer to the Naval Headquarters in Den Helder as Staff Officer Operations Surface Flotilla. During this assignment, he also acted as Department Head of Operations on board HNLMS KAREL DOORMAN, executing the US-led operation ENDURING FREEDOM in the Arabian Sea. Following commencement of academic studies in 1998, he graduated in 2005 with a Masters in Strategy and Organisation from the Open University. In the period 2005 to 2007, he commanded the Mine Hunters HNLMS HAARLEM and HNLMS MAKKUM. In addition to a work-up period (MOST), he participated in Operation BENEFICIAL COOPORATION, clearing UXO in the North Sea as well as in a NRF-deployment with SNMCMG1. Back in Den Helder, he was employed as operational and IT Auditor at Naval Staff. On promotion to Commander in 2009, he went (again) to the NATO Maritime Headquarters in Northwood, now as Branch Head CIS Requirements. During this tour, in 2011 he participated in NATO operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR off the coast of Libya on board ITS GARIBALDI and also in the NATO Counter Piracy operation OCEAN SHIELD in the vicinity of Somalia on board ITS ANDREA DORIA. In 2012 he returned to the Netherlands to become Assistant Chief of Staff Plans to the Commander Netherlands Maritime Force. During this assignment, he participated in several exercises (e.g. JOINT WARRIOR) and served a term as N5 of CTF-465, on board Landing Platform Dock HNLMS JOHAN DE WITT, in the EU Anti-Piracy mission ATALANTA in the Somali Basin. In 2014 he transferred to the staff of Commander RNLN as a Senior Policy Advisor. On 25 Aug 2016 he took command of the Ocean-going Patrol Vessel HNLMS ZEELAND. With this ship he conducted an intensive work-up period, including FOST, after which he deployed for 4 months to the Caribbean as the West-Indies Guard Ship. During this deployment the ship was involved in several successful Counter-Drugs operations and participated in emergency relief operations (as a result of hurricanes Irma & Maria) on the islands of St. Maarten and Dominica. In Sep 2018 he became a Senior Staff Officer Cyber, EW and ISR at the MOD. In Oct 2019 he moved to the Standing Joint Forces Headquarters, at Northwood HQ (UK), as the ACOS Intelligence, subsequently being promoted to Captain. He participated in deployments to Martinique to assist in anti-COVID-measures in the Caribbean and to Lithuania, as part of the Joint Expeditionary Force Enhanced Forward Presence, as a result of the Ukrainian - Russian war. In 2022 Captain Van der Kamp took the position of Head of Maritime Projects of the Dutch Defence Material Department.