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18 Aug 2022

Warship arrives in Scotland to be destroyed as target

Warship arrives in Scotland to be destroyed as target
Photo : George Allison Twitter/GeoAllison
Originally posted on UKDJ by George Allison

The former USS Boone, a decommissioned American frigate, has arrived in Scotland and will soon be sunk as part of an exercise involving missiles being fired from a British frigate.

A local source told UK Defence Journal that the vessel arrived in Campbeltown in western Scotland today after being towed to Scotland from Philadelphia in the US.


Additionally, another source not wishing to be named has told UK Defence Journal that HMS Westminster will fire at least one Harpoon anti-ship missile at the USS Boone, but the ‘SINKEX’ will be run by the Americans as the main aim of the exercise will be to “test a new US targeting satellite”.


The former USS Boone is currently at Campbeltown’s NATO POL depot, that’s just an acronym for a petroleum, oils and lubricants depot. Built during the 1960s to NATO specification, the depots situated at Garelochhead (adjacent to the Clyde Naval Base), Loch Striven (near Dunoon), Loch Ewe (in Wester Ross) and Campbeltown provide a mainly maritime fuelling facility for visiting UK & NATO vessels.

What is a SINKEX?

The term ‘Sink Exercise’ or ‘SINKEX’ is undertaken typically to test a weapons system usually involving a torpedo or missile attack on an unmanned target ship. The US Navy uses SINKEXs to train its sailors on the usage of modern-day weapons, and these exercises are also used to dispose of decommissioned warships.

When is this happening, and where?

September, but the location is currently not public information.

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