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19 Feb 2024

Thales Supplies SurfSAT-L Satellite Communication Solution for F126 German Frigates

Thales Supplies SurfSAT-L Satellite Communication Solution for F126 German Frigates
Thales Group Press Release
  • The German Navy will be equipped with SurfSAT-L system, which includes several satellite communication (SatCom) terminals as well as a Land Based Training System.
  • This system, offering high-level performance and security, guarantees long-range connectivity in high seas, which is critical for naval ships such as the F126 frigates.
  • With this SurfSAT-L new-generation SatCom terminal, Thales demonstrates its global leadership in military communication satellites. ​

Thales will provide satellite communications for the F126 frigates with SurfSAT-L solutions. This modernised system, previous versions of which have been in service with multiple Navies across the world, will ensure improved connectivity even under difficult operational conditions.

The F126 frigates, designed by Damen Naval, will be the largest in the German naval fleet and will be capable of operating in all latitudes. They require protected resilient satellite communications that meet the elongation constraints between the theatre of operations and the command centres of maritime operations to fulfil their missions.

A total of four SurfSAT-L and one Land Based Training System will be delivered to the German Navy. This milestone marks a further step in the deployment of the SatCom SurfSAT-L new version. This secured naval terminal has become an essential tool in the field of satellite communications. Designed for ships from frigates to aircraft carriers, SurfSAT-L has been used by the French Navy and has already been adopted by five other countries in Europe and the Middle East. The SurfSAT-L is a robust, compact and easy-to-use solution. It has been designed in collaboration with end-users, enabling rapid deployment and mission configuration.

SurfSAT-L's versatile, high-precision pointing system can cope with extreme situations such as adverse weather and sea conditions, combat speeds and accelerations, as well as electromagnetic warfare. Its radio-frequency power is essential for overcoming severe jamming, interference and cyber-attacks. Its scalability and easy integration make this SatCom an agile communications tool, adapted to all operational contexts. It has been designed to share sensitive and protected data of various kinds (radar data, cartography, voice messages, optronic information, videos, etc.), as well as to exchange welfare data for the crew, including TV and Internet provision and the transmission of administrative data.

F126 will be equipped with a very high-power tri-band (Ka mil, Ka civil, X) SatCom solution enabling simultaneous transmission on these three frequencies. The system is capable to connect to Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) and Geostationary Orbit (GEO) satellites, both military and commercial, for optimal connectivity and extended coverage for the German Navy's F126 frigates. Even in a multi-spot satellite architecture, the system is able to maintain optimum connectivity.

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