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16 Nov 2022

Serco wins '200m contract to provide marine services for Royal Navy

Serco wins '200m contract to provide marine services for Royal Navy
Image: Serco
Originally posted on ADS Advance
Following the end of the 15-year private finance initiative (PFI) arrangements for the provision of marine services, the new agreement is with the Royal Navy directly.  The contract, which is valued at around £200m, will last for 27 months commencing in December 2022 and follows on directly from the current PFI, ensuring continuity of support.  The MOD has an option to extend the contract for up to six months.

Serco has been supporting the Royal Navy for over 25 years, assisting the movements of Royal Navy ships in and out of harbour and providing a range of further support services, including trialling new maritime technology, ferrying passengers, supporting military training exercises, and the provision and maintenance of buoys and moorings.  

The team of 650 skilled mariners and engineers provides these services at six sites across the UK, including at His Majesty’s Naval Bases (HMNB) at Devonport, Portsmouth, Clyde and the BUTEC Ranges in the Kyle of Lochalsh, as well as overseas.  Serco operates and maintains just under 100 tugs and other vessels, ranging in length from 11m to 93m and from 12 to 3,600 gross tonnes.

Commenting on the award, Rupert Soames, Serco Group Chief Executive, said: “Serco is delighted to be continuing to provide these vital services to support the Royal Navy.  We are proud of our service over the last 25 years and especially of our team, which combines decades of experience with highly specialised skills.  

"Many of the team are Navy veterans and have longstanding connections to the national maritime community.  We look forward to continuing this support for many years to come, drawing on Serco’s increasing global maritime presence to innovate for our customers in the UK.”
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