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06 Oct 2022

Royal Navy Seeks Unmanned Surface, Subsurface Vessel

Royal Navy Seeks Unmanned Surface, Subsurface Vessel
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Originally posted on The Defence Post

The Royal Navy is seeking an Uncrewed Surface and Subsurface Vessel (USSV) prototype for maritime commando operations.

The navy requires the vessel to transition quickly from surface to subsurface on the move while executing surveillance, reconnaissance, electronic warfare, and strike missions.

The Royal Marines need to be able to use the platform to supply cargo, particularly on forward bases, remote islands, or when the “environment is too dangerous” for crewed transport, USNI News wrote.

Networked Operation 

The multi-payload vessel should be plugged into an open architecture network to operate autonomously within the naval strike network, comprising a mix of unmanned surface and underwater vessels.  

The low signature long-endurance USSV should operate day and night and be deployed from various platforms, the contract notice stated.

According to USNI News, a larger vessel would carry the USSV inside a 40-foot (12.19 meters) shipping container, launching and recovering it from the sea.

A prototype demonstration is expected between 17 Oct 2022 and 31 Mar 2025.

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