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14 Jun 2022

New London innovation hub will see Royal Navy and US Navy embrace technology together

New London innovation hub will see Royal Navy and US Navy embrace technology together
Originally posted by Royal Navy News
The Royal Navy and US Navy are celebrating the official opening of a new innovation hub.

The London-based Tech Bridge will see both countries working together to embrace technology and see greater investment between their navies.

Launched in 2020 in a virtual ceremony, the project has already made strides in closer collaboration between the UK and the United States with trials on uncrewed underwater vessels using sensors to feed back key information.

The Tech Bridge is a joint initiative between the US Navy’s Office of Naval Research Global (ONR(G)) and the Royal Navy’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) and both teams have welcomed the hub’s official opening.

Rear Admiral James Parkin CBE, the Royal Navy’s Director Develop, said: “The London Tech Bridge does exactly what it says on the tin.

“Being in London, right next to the strategic headquarters of our Armed Forces, and at the heart of this great global city, allows exposure not only to the latest thinking in Defence innovation, but provides physical access to those varied organisations and individuals conducting some of the most exciting technological research and development anywhere in the world.

“As such, it's all about tech - sharing our understanding of exciting developments in autonomy, materials, platforms, sensors, processing, and concepts, and unlocking the Royal Navy's connections to those world leading academic, industrial, and public sector organisations in the UK, towards achieving our common goals.

“And perhaps most importantly, it's a figurative Bridge, one that permits the Royal Navy to reach across the Atlantic into the US Navy, and vice versa.”

“The opening of the London Tech Bridge’s innovation hub represents a new way for great minds to come together in a unique atmosphere, share ideas and technologies, and foster more effective research collaboration,” added Chief of Naval Research Rear Admiral Lorin Selby, of the US Navy.

“This joint US-UK partnership is critical to advance new ideas and keep our naval forces dominant. We’re looking for partners with strong curiosity, a passion for action and a passion for scientific and technological excellence.”

The London Tech Bridge’s new location will see an initial “Tea and Tech” event in June, kicking off a monthly session with industry in specified technology areas, allowing companies to pitch their ideas and technology.

They are looking for the latest new technologies in AI and Autonomy, Directed Energy and Green Energy, Advanced Manufacturing, Maintenance and Sustainment – which can benefit the Sailors and Marines of both of their navies.

The Tech Bridge network is already well-established in the United States with the US Naval Agility Office (NavalX) and spans 18 national and international locations.

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