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11 Oct 2022

US Navy's Arleigh Burke-class ship DDG 123 completes acceptance trials

US Navy's Arleigh Burke-class ship DDG 123 completes acceptance trials
Credit: Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc.
Originally posted on Naval Technology

Huntington Ingalls Industries’ (HII) Ingalls Shipbuilding division has concluded acceptance trials for the US Navy’s Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, Lenah Sutcliffe Higbee (DDG 123).

As part of the trials, the ship underwent a series of demonstrations to validate the capabilities and performance of its onboard systems.

The systems included damage control, navigation, mechanical and electrical systems, combat systems, communications and propulsion applications.

The tests were held under the scrutiny of the US Navy’s Board of Inspection and Survey.

The US Navy said that the latest trials proved that ship’s systems have either fulfilled or exceeded its requirements.

US Navy Programme Executive Office Ships DDG 51 programme manager captain Seth Miller said: “The Navy is honoured to recognised Lenah Sutcliffe Higbee with this fully capable, mission-ready ship.”

Christened in April 2021, DDG 123 was named after former US Navy Nurse Corps superintendent Lenah Sutcliffe Higbee. She was the first women recipient of Navy Cross.

Lenah Sutcliffe Higbee is the last ship to be delivered by HII in Flight IIA configuration.

As a Flight IIA destroyer, DDG 123 features Aegis Combat System Baseline 9C2, which provides high firepower, quick reaction time and increased electronic countermeasures capability to counter various threats.

Delivery of this Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile vessel is expected to take place later this year.

Currently, HII is also working on the construction of other destroyers of this class, including Jack H Lucas (DDG 125), Ted Stevens (DDG 128), Jeremiah Denton (DDG 129) and George M McNeal (DDG 131).

HII Ingalls Shipbuilding president Kari Wilkinson said: “We are committed to this partnership and look forward to our next opportunity to demonstrate it during our next trial events for our first Flight-III destroyer.”

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