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22 Nov 2023

US Navy releases inaugural Cyber Strategy

US Navy releases inaugural Cyber Strategy
Source: U.S. Navy
U.S. Navy Press Release

The strategy features seven distinct lines of effort focused on enhancing the naval services’ cyber posture in alignment with the National Defense Strategy and Department of Defense Cyber Strategy.

“This inaugural strategy builds on years of lessons learned from cyber domain operations across the globe,” said Secretary Del Toro. “We are focused on aggressively enhancing our cyber enterprise, while fostering cooperation and collaboration with our allies and partners.”

The seven lines of effort in this strategy are improve and support the cyber workforce; defend enterprise IT, data, and networks; secure Defense Critical Infrastructure and weapon systems; conduct and facilitate cyber operations; partner to secure the Defense Industrial Base; and foster cooperation and collaboration.

“Our strategy reaffirms our commitment to warfighting excellence within cyberspace,” said Chris Cleary, Department of the Navy Principal Cyber Advisor. “We are prioritizing the defense of our cyber enterprise and data while conducting and facilitating cyber operations across the globe.”

The Office of the Principal Cyber Advisor and Office of the Chief Information Officer jointly developed the strategy, ensuring it covers all facets of the Department of the Navy’s cyberspace activities.

“Achieving a competitive advantage in the cyber domain is critical to strengthening our maritime dominance" said Jane Rathbun, Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer. "The Cyber Strategy sets the DON on a course to more effectively defend our Information Ecosystem and emphasizes the importance of our cyber workforce."

Read the full text of the Department of the Navy Cyber Strategy here:

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