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26 Apr 2024

NATO Operation Sea Guardian concludes patrols in the Western Mediterranean

NATO Operation Sea Guardian concludes patrols in the Western Mediterranean
NATO Allied Maritime Command
NATO Allied Maritime Command Press Release

NATO's Operation Sea Guardian (OSG) Task Group, helmed by Spanish Commander Álvaro Huelin Gan aboard the flagship ESPS Navarra, has successfully concluded its three-week deployment in the Western Mediterranean.

NATO maritime security Operation Sea Guardian has been instrumental in safeguarding the Mediterranean region by establishing and maintaining Maritime Security Awareness in the area. Through constant vigilance and surveillance, Sea Guardian has enhanced the region's understanding of maritime activities, ensuring a safer environment for maritime trade and transit.

ESPS Navarra conducted 11 Maritime Situational Awareness Approaches, friendly visits of its crew on invitation by the Masters of vessels sailing the area, to inform them about NATO’s and Operation Sea Guardian’s mission and exchange information about the situation at sea. 

Patrols have effectively benefited from the excellent coordination between surface units and air support provided by Spanish and Portuguese Maritime Patrol Aircraft, along with NATO Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Force (NISRF). Air support not only enhances the operational capabilities of Sea Guardian but also fosters increased interoperability between participating assets, ensuring a more coordinated and effective response to maritime security challenges.

OSG operates as a collaborative, year-round maritime security initiative aimed at upholding Maritime Situational Awareness (MSA), countering terrorist activities, and bolstering capacity and interoperability among NATO Allies and Partners. Beyond its routine MSA efforts, OSG conducts targeted patrols in strategic areas across the Mediterranean Sea. These focused patrols allow OSG to swiftly respond to emerging threats, safeguard critical maritime routes, and foster a more secure maritime environment in the region.

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