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29 Feb 2024

NATO Operation Sea Guardian concludes its patrols in the Eastern Mediterranean

NATO Operation Sea Guardian concludes its patrols in the Eastern Mediterranean
NATO Allied Maritime Command
NATO Allied Maritime Command Press Release

NATO's Operation Sea Guardian (OSG) Task Group, led by Turkish Captain Adil TÜFEKÇI aboard the flagship TCG Burgazada, has finished a targeted maritime security patrol in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The three-week deployment marked the first of six OSG focused maritime security patrol operations scheduled by NATO for the year. Greek and Turkish submarines provided direct support to TCG Burgazada, along with Maritime Patrol Aircraft and Airborne Early Warning aircraft from Greece, Türkiye, and the United States. NATO Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Forces also supported the Task Group throughout the patrol period.

TCG Burgazada, with air and subsurface assets in support, maintained Maritime Situational Awareness (MSA) and increased the understanding of patterns of life. These aspects are crucial for producing a deterrent effect and maintaining maritime security, particularly in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The integration of air, surface, and subsurface units decisively contributed to the effectiveness of the mission. The presence of a military vessel or aircraft can often influence the behaviour of the vessel being monitored. Submarines play a significant role in collecting intelligence and patterns of life from suspicious vessels, which is impossible to obtain from surface or air assets alone.

In this way, OSG gains a better understanding of the maritime environment in the Mediterranean, identifying possible criminal activities which support terrorism.

OSG is a collaborative, year-round maritime security operation designed to maintain MSA, deter and counter terrorist activities, and enhance capacity and interoperability among NATO Allies and Partners. In addition to daily MSA activities, OSG conducts focused patrols in specific areas of interest in the Mediterranean Sea.

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