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16 Aug 2022

NATO fleet switches command ships in Mediterranean

NATO fleet switches command ships in Mediterranean
Originally posted on UKDJ by George Allison

Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2) commander, U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Sciretta, transferred command and control of his task group from the USS Forrest Sherman to Spanish Navy ESPS Almirante Juan De Borbon in a demonstration of the task group’s interoperability, readiness, and response.

NATO say here that the transfer occurred at the conclusion of SNMG2’s scheduled port visit to Aksaz, Türkiye.

“With Almirante Juan de Borbon as the flagship, she and the remaining ships of the task group left port as scheduled. The shift in flagship and command and control was planned and executed quickly and efficiently. The task group proceeded with scheduled operations and exercises in the Mediterranean Sea to include a gunnery exercise, small boat operations, and flight operations.

The flagship function returned to Forrest Sherman Aug. 3 and the task group is currently patrolling the central and eastern Mediterranean Sea. The ability to shift command and control real time to different ships in the NATO Task Group highlights NATO’s ability to provide an adaptable and interoperable maritime force.”

“It is my responsibility to be ready to fight at any time and to ensure the task group remains flexible and effective under any circumstances,” Sciretta said.

“We land Greek helicopters on U.S. ships. We conduct boat operations between Turkish and Italian ships. We’ve had our French ships refuel with an Italian tanker. We’ve done these tactical activities in a myriad of different configurations across the Alliance. This just proves what a very robust and capable force we are.”

Almirante Juan de Borbon is the second ship of the Alvaro de Bazan F-100 class of air defence frigates entering service with the Spanish Navy in 2003. The Alvaro de Bazan class is a class of Aegis combat system-equipped air defence frigates.

“SNMG2 is a multinational integrated task group that projects a constant and visible reminder of the Alliance’s solidarity and cohesion afloat and provides the Alliance with a continuous maritime capability to perform a wide range of tasks, including exercises and real-world operations in periods of crisis and conflict.”

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