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06 Dec 2023

HMS Richmond continues Baltic patrols in support of JEF Operations

HMS Richmond continues Baltic patrols in support of JEF Operations
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Originally posted on Royal Navy News
HMS Richmond has used her advanced sensors to gather crucial information to support operations in the Baltic as she continues her patrols of the region.

The Royal Navy warship left Sweden last week to head to the Baltic Sea after leaving her home port of Devonport last month.

She has experienced several interactions with Russian vessels during her operations in the Baltic Sea supporting the Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF) Response Option (JRO) to protect underwater critical national infrastructure.

Richmond is one of seven UK ships joining a task group in an agreement with Joint Expeditionary Force nations. It will see ships and aircraft from the 10 nations come together to ensure stability and contribute to the protection of critical underwater infrastructure such as pipelines and cables.

This JEF Response Option reassures allies and partners - demonstrating coordination of capabilities and credible deterrence to any would-be adversaries. 

HMS Richmond’s ship’s company have been monitoring activity in the Baltic, including that of Russian vessels and aircraft, and using her advanced sensors to collect and share gathered intelligence with JEF partner nations.

Lieutenant Commander Mike De La Rue, HMS Richmond’s operations officer, said: “I am proud to have been involved with furthering the growth of our relationships and the opportunity to operate closely together in a challenging environment.

“I’ve also personally enjoyed working within the JEF to help refine best practices. We all do things slightly differently; understanding these nuances will ultimately enable us all to be more effective as a team.”

Commander Chris L’Amie, the ship’s commanding officer, added: “Throughout our time in the region we’ve been keeping a close eye on Russian activities, both on the sea and in the air. This helps us to understand patterns of life and the regional maritime environment.

“Richmond’s presence in the Baltic reassures our JEF partners that we will all work together in support of our shared mutual interests.”

HMS Richmond will work with Latvian, Estonian, Finnish and Swedish Navies and aircraft over the coming days before arriving in Tallinn for Defence Engagement activities.

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