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19 Sep 2023

Germany, Norway Begin Construction of Identical Submarines

Germany, Norway Begin Construction of Identical Submarines
Originally posted on Navy Recognition

Germany and Norway have begun constructing identical submarines to boost their maritime defense and strengthen military collaboration.

Called the 212CD, the vessel will be based on the well-established Type 212A operated by the German Navy and the Italian Navy.

A total of six 212CDs will be built as part of a contract worth 5.5 billion euros ($5.9 billion) signed in 2021.

Two of the advanced submarines under construction will be handed over to Berlin, while four will be delivered to the Norwegian Navy starting in 2029.

The joint initiative will make the two nations the first countries to build and operate identical submarines.

The two contractors intend to build a joint life-cycle management office to facilitate submarine maintenance and future upgrades.

Notable Comparison

The new submarine is significantly larger than its predecessor, measuring 73 meters (240 feet) to the earlier version’s 56 meters (184 feet).

The 212CD also boasts a displacement of 2,500 cubic meters (88,286 cubic feet), as compared to the 1,450 tons of the 212A.

The vessel will feature improved sensors, an extended operational range, and reduced acoustic presence to support covert operations.

“These submarines combine tried and tested technology and developments which will prepare us for the future, particularly in the field of sensor technology,” project manager Jörg Jährig said.

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