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24 Jan 2024

General Dynamics remains integral to US and UK submarine ecosystem

General Dynamics remains integral to US and UK submarine ecosystem
Source: HII
Originally posted on Naval Technology - By John Hill

The US Department of Defense (DoD) selected two General Dynamics subsidiaries: Mission Systems (MS) and Electric Boat (EB) to provide integral work within the UK and US submarine ecosystem.

Firstly, MS was awarded $355m (£280m) to produce, maintain and modernise the Strategic Weapon System Fire Control Subsystem for the US Columbia and UK Dreadnought nuclear-powered, ballistic missile (SSBNs) and nuclear-powered, cruise missile submarines (SSGNs).

Under this contract, the US Government will use 2023 and 2024 Navy funds to finance the work, due to be completed on 30 September 2027.

Notably, prior to this contract, MS worked on the US/UK SSBN fire control subsystems in a contract worth $272.9m in June 2022. At the time, Carlo Zaffanella, vice president and general manager at MS, stated: “The US Columbia and UK Dreadnought class submarines are of strategic importance to our nation and our allies.”

MS’ work will ensure the continued deterrence of the sea leg of the US and UK nuclear deterrence as the West is increasingly pitted against near-terms threats such as Russia in Ukriane and Europe and longer-term adversaries such as China in the Indo-Pacific.

The US Navy’s 12 forthcoming Columbia boats will replace the legacy Ohio SSBN fleet while the UK Royal Navy’s Dreadnought vessels are due to replace its four existing Vanguard-class SSBNs.

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