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21 Jul 2023

First Invincible Class Submarine Arrives in Singapore

First Invincible Class Submarine Arrives in Singapore
Singapore MINDEF

The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN)'s Invincible-class submarine, Impeccable, was received in Singapore in a homecoming ceremony held at RSS Singapura – Changi Naval Base today. Chief of Navy Rear Admiral Sean Wat, senior RSN officers and submariners were present to witness the ceremony.

Launched in Kiel, Germany on 13 Dec 2022, Impeccable is one of four Invincible-class submarines designed for operations in Singapore's shallow and busy tropical waters. Custom-built for Singapore's needs, these submarines possess state-of-the-art capabilities, including high levels of automation, significant payload capacity, enhanced underwater endurance, and ergonomics optimised for the Asian physique. Their induction into the RSN will further enhance its capability to safeguard Singapore and protect its vital sea lines of communication.

Impeccable will be undergoing a series of local sea trials and workup towards full operationalisation. Invincible remains in Germany to support the training of RSN submariners, while the last two submarines are progressing well in their project development in Germany.

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