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15 Nov 2022

Elettronica To Provide Next Gen Naval RECM System To Indonesia

Elettronica To Provide Next Gen Naval RECM System To Indonesia
Elettronica press release

This is the first contract in Indonesia in the history of Elettronica, which for more than 70 years has been one of the world leaders in the electronic warfare sector, and one of the best jamming-house in the world.

The Radar Electronic Counter Measures System provides naval platforms with an effective Electronic Defence using a powerful Active Phased Array Transmitter. The generated jamming techniques are segments of countermeasure programs that are automatically and adaptively selected for system effectiveness against both terminal missile attacks and long-range designation radar systems.

A modular design approach permits configuration adaptation to individual ship classes.

The Radar Electronic Counter-Measures System, selected by the Indonesian Navy, is composed of two JASS (Jamming Antenna Sub System) and can co-operate with other onboard EW sensors and actuators, is ITAR-free and can integrate with all currently available naval Combat Management Systems (CMS).

This contract is a result of Elettronica’s strong intention to extend its presence in South-East Asia, and in particular start its new partnership with the Indonesian Navy, to which Elettronica could be a reliable long-term partner to increase the in-country EW capabilities matching any future requirements.

Elettronica’s naval Electronic Warfare (EW) products offer world-class performance. They are ready for today’s and tomorrow’s threats and are scalable to equip all sizes of surface vessels and submarines. Elettronica’s naval EW portfolio includes also Electronic Support Measure (ESM) and Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) functions combined in an integrated electronic warfare system. ELT/950 and Loki help manage EW systems and support EMSO command and control. Maintenance of our EW systems and third-party products is simplified thanks to Elettronica’s SEMS smart maintenance system.

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