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18 Jan 2023

DNV awards AiP to Sumitomo and Oshima for innovative ammonia-fuel ship design

DNV awards AiP to Sumitomo and Oshima for innovative ammonia-fuel ship design
Image : DNV
DNV Press Release

The AiP confirms that the vessel design meets the technical requirements and safety standards following a Hazard Identification Study on the associated risks of using ammonia as a fuel. The award comes as a result of a collaboration agreement Sumitomo Corporation and Oshima Shipbuilding signed in December 2021.

Stian Erik Sollied, Country Manager of DNV Japan Maritime, said: “DNV is pioneering the research and development of viable future marine fuels and is delighted to be a part of this innovative project. We will continue cooperating with forward-leaning maritime industry leaders in their efforts to bring low-carbon ship designs to life, safely and sustainably.”

At the award ceremony, Takanaru Toyota, General Manager, Ship & Marine Project Dept. of Sumitomo Corporation, said: “Sumitomo Corporation and Oshima Shipbuilding are accelerating the development and promotion of ammonia-fuelled ships. We will continue improving the operational environment, including the supply of ammonia fuel through internal and external collaboration, and aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions across the entire supply chain.”

Eiichi Hiraga, President of Oshima Shipbuilding, added: “An ammonia fuel ship is a powerful forward-thinking solution to decarbonizing the maritime industry. Oshima Shipbuilding, alongside Sumitomo Corporation, DNV and other stakeholders, will endeavour to optimize these designs further.”

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