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08 May 2024

Collaboration to Integrate Video Enhancement Software for Marine Reconnaissance

Collaboration to Integrate Video Enhancement Software for Marine Reconnaissance
Defense Advancement
Originally posted on Defense Advancement -By Abi Wylie

Medirlab’s Jumbo Marine multispectral camera system is expanding its low-visibility operational capabilities by integrating Thexovision’s real-time video enhancement software.

Thexovision is cooperating on the on-going integration of the company’s SightBooster real-time visibility enhancement into the next version of their strategic partner Medirlab’s Jumbo Marine multispectral camera system. 

Medirlab’s Jumbo Marine product line with its AI-based tracking is an excellent choice for marine search and rescue, coast guard, border control and other boat/ship-based reconnaissance missions. 

SightBooster is a proprietary real-time video enhancement software library with advanced features that is capable of revealing scene objects under constrained visibility conditions in camera-based systems. 

This can greatly assist in visual detection and identification of relevant objects in the presence of a wide variety of obscurants within the camera view, such as haze, fog, haze, smog, smoke, rain, or snow.

Thexovision team is excited about further expanding the operation capabilities of the camera system under low visibility conditions.

Milán Tresch, CEO of Thexovision, said; “We are delighted to work with Medirlab as we see great synergies in creating new end-user products as well as making already existing systems more capable, when it comes to critical detection, recognition and identification requirements under constrained visiblity. 

“We are proud to deliver Thexovision’s unique visibility enhancement technology for such purposes. ”

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