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Sirius Insight

Sirius Insight is a British technology company that specialises in analysing maritime data to deliver a new model for surveillance, safety and security on maritime borders and at sea.  The innovative application of Artificial Intelligence allows a significant shift in how maritime activities are assessed, from being observation and reporting based to a more rigorous level of analysis against normal patterns of behaviour.  This deeper depth of understanding is achieved by the autonomous extraction and fusion of significant volumes of data from a range of distributed and networked sensors on land, sea, air and space.  SiriusInsight has provided an Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) service to the British Government’s Joint Maritime Security Centre since 2020.


Sirius Insight offers a cost-effective, flexible and scalable approach to strengthen national security and fulfil operational requirements.  The business model uses robust, readily available, commercial-of-the-shelf capabilities to deliver layered surveillance options.  Coastal sensor suites provide real-time indicators and warnings (I&W) for inshore and territorial waters, using existing or supplementary radar hardware.  The development of uncrewed air systems (UAS) extend surveillance with near-real time data to the outer limit of the Economic Exclusion Zone (EEZ), and analysis of satellite data verifies detections and identifies potential threats at range.  Information is shown to users using a dedicated portal; data can also be ingested into other systems for use by a range of maritime stakeholders and shared with partners to foster closer cooperation.


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United Kingdom

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