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Rowse Limited

Rowse stands at the forefront of defence procurement services, expertly catering to government and military supply needs around the globe. With two decades of dedicated service, Rowse delivers comprehensive solutions that enhance operational efficiency and security.

Our mission is to equip armed forces with superior quality, cutting-edge technology, and resilient equipment, facilitating robust defence capabilities. At Rowse, we pride ourselves on our rigorous procurement process that ensures reliability, compliance, and the highest quality standards. Our extensive network of trusted suppliers enables us to offer various products, from tactical gear and ammunition to advanced communication systems and aerospace components.

We are committed to transparency and integrity in all our transactions. Our tailored services include logistic support, cost-effective procurement strategies, and timely delivery of products, ensuring that all requirements are met precisely and swiftly. Rowse's team of experts focuses on the procurement of goods and provides continuous post-purchase support and technology upgrades, maintaining the effectiveness and longevity of military assets.

Partner with Rowse for seamless, efficient, secure defence procurement solutions that empower your military operations and strategic initiatives.


Units 5/6 Drake Mill Business Park
Estover Road
United Kingdom

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