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Rheinmetall is an integrated technology company with more than 25,000 employees worldwide. Within this, its defence division develops and supports advanced systems operating across the land, sea, air and cyber domains. It has an extensive Naval Solutions portfolio covering sensors, protection systems, UAV’s, advanced weapon systems and an extensive training and simulation capability. Its products and services are in service globally.

Rheinmetall has an excellent pedigree in developing comprehensive Training and Simulation solutions for submarines and surface ships. We have successfully exported procedural, technical, tactical and collective training systems around the world. We offer a comprehensive training capability ranging from initial TNA, basic course material and online learning tools through equipment and tactical trainers to complex simulation networks. These solutions use a blend of Live, Virtual and Constructive techniques to deliver a realistic, challenging and effective training experience.

Our Air Defence systems cover a wide spectrum of highly effective, flexible systems. These include radar surveillance systems, optical sensors and the Millennium gun for close in defence against high speed missiles.

In the field of Weapons and Munitions we are developing advanced high energy lasers, unmanned air systems and programmable ammunition. The latter, coupled with our small calibre 20mm and 30mm guns and remote weapon stations provide a highly capable and effective inner layer defence for surface ships.

We also provide a range of highly effective electro optical situational awareness and target tracking sensors and the MASS (Multi Ammunition Soft kill System) for self-protection of vessels against the latest anti-ship missiles.

Rheinmetall is located on stand B12 and we look forward to meeting you.


Unit B - The Apex
St. Cross Business Park
Isle of Wight
United Kingdom

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