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MSI-Defence Systems Ltd.

MSI Defence Systems Ltd is a world leader in gunfire technology, C-UAS, and Anti-FIAC capabilities, trusted by over 40 armed forces globally, including the Royal Navy.

Building on their illustrious history spanning over a century, they have continued to evolve, specialising in remote situational awareness and hard kill on a range of host platforms - integrating an all-weather day and night EOS suite with effectors and Fire Control Systems for full target tracking, ballistic compensation, and options for increased target recognition intelligence.

From their naval roots, they now operate across marine and land domains - delivering small/medium calibre gun systems, gunfire control technology, and remote weapon stations, such as the SEAHAWK and TERRAHAWK systems, to fulfil multi-role requirements for all classes of naval vessels and land-based platforms.


MSI-Defence Systems Ltd.
Salhouse Road
United Kingdom

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    23 May 2023
    The Surveillance Acquisition Targeting Optical System (SATOS) forms a core component of the SEAHAWK A2 small calibre gun systems, configured for anti-air and surface defence roles.
  • Deployable, modular, remote-controlled air and surface defence solution. Class-leading accuracy, lethality, and survivability.
  • MSI-DS SEAHAWK COMPACT WEAPON SYSTEM (CWS) Lightweight cannon and missile platform, to complement the existing MWS and LW gun systems. The CWS brings an increase in the lethality and effectiveness of ...
  • The MSI-DS Multi Weapon Station (MWS) is a lightweight weapon system purpose designed to meet the evolving requirements of remote and autonomous operations.  
  • Gun system with a range of fully integrated control options including Combat Management System (CMS), Electro Optic Fire Control System (on-mount sensors) or a remote, independent Electro Optical Dire ...
  • The LW (Lightweight) series of gun systems are ideally suited to smaller combat vessels or those undertaking constabulary missions. Capable of equipping a variety of cannon types from 14.5mm Heavy Mac ...
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