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JD Marine International Ltd

JD Marine International (JDMI) stands at the forefront of the defense sector, addressing intricate challenges and threats in the maritime domain through a fusion of technology and extensive expertise in traditional maritime practices. Committed to innovation, JDMI harnesses Artificial Intelligence and marine autonomy to expedite projects more efficiently than established industry leaders. By employing advanced materials and construction methods, JDMI has the capacity to complete large-scale projects within remarkably short timelines.

Our focus extends to the design and construction of Ultra-Tough (HDPE) customized for the most demanding marine environments worldwide. The use of HDPE construction material provides exceptional strength to the boats, making them virtually indestructible workhorses in the field.

Responding to evolving security needs, JDMI can play a pivotal role in the European Union's (EU) maritime strategy. Collaborative efforts with SMEs from various EU member states enhance the project, fostering innovation and competitiveness in the defense space. JDMI's commitment to environmental responsibility includes the use of recyclable materials and support for the recycling of the vessel's hull at the end of its lifecycle.


2nd Floor College House
2nd floor college house
17 King Edwards Road
Greater London
United Kingdom

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