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Hartridge Ltd

Since 1930 Hartridge Ltd has been global suppliers of Test Equipment for Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment. Hartridge serves markets from automotive specialist workshops to marine dockyards. Hartridge equipment is used to service technologies including:
• Mechanical inline pumps and injectors,
• Single cylinder pumps
• Rotary pumps and injectors,
• Common rail pumps and injectors,
• Electronic Unit Pumps
• Electronic Unit Injectors
• to the latest twin coil common rail injection systems designed for Euro VI emissions.
Our equipment can be from a standard design to a bespoke build project. We will supply equipment such as:
• PopTest and TestMaster for conventional injectors, (Nozzle Opening Pressure, leakage and spray pattern)
• AVM2-PC, a test bench targeted at automotive, commercial vehicle, locomotive and small marine applications with a wide selection of accessories to suit,
• HA4500-SPM, a test bench suited for off-highway to medium marine applications, again with a wide range of accessories to suit differing fuel injection systems.
• Bespoke design of Application kits if required.
• Bespoke build projects, typically for factory manufacture and re-manufacture.
• Benches dedicated to common rail injectors, such as the CRI-PC, Sabre and Cri-Pro which are capable of re-coding injectors in either authorised or “all makes” mode
• Test equipment for HEUI injectors – Toledo
• Test equipment for Cummins – e.g. PT, HPI and XPI.
Hartridge has been based in Buckingham, UK, since 1940. We are approximately one hour from London Heathrow and Birmingham Airports. As an ISO 9001 registered company we have robust processes including project management to ensure the quality of our products. We are represented around the world by distributors in 85 countries. Many of our distributors have represented Hartridge for many years and we have built a good working relationship with them; including distributors who are part of the Delphi Aftermarket Network. Customers are welcome to visit us at our factory, for meetings, training in our products and acceptance tests for specific contracts. Hartridge Ltd is a BorgWarner Company.


The Hartridge Building
Network 421
Radclive Road
MK18 4FD
United Kingdom

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