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Greensea is revolutionizing the future of ocean robotics by providing an open architecture robotics platform, OPENSEA®. OPENSEA enables more intelligent autonomy in any marine vehicle, which will disrupt current marine operations and lead to substantial leaps in new vehicle capabilities.

Greensea directly supports several military programs with products, training, and technology development, including UXO operation and  Explosive Ordnance Disposal from deep sea through surf zone and Special Operations Forces combat diving.

Greensea provides the autonomy expertise and next-generation technology that will be used to create a more efficient and sustainable future. 

Software makes all robotics processes possible. The most forward thinking militaries trust Greensea to provide the technology that will fuel future advancements such as resident vehicles, long range command and control, and autonomous ship maintenance.

Representatives will be available to talk about our EOD, SOF, and autonomous vehicle portfolios. 


10 East Main Street
United States

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  • EOD Workspace

    11 May 2023
    EOD Workspace is an open architecture operating environment for marine robots working in MCM / EOD operations that can easily scale as the needs of the operators evolve.  EOD WS provides an integrated ...
  • Simulator for EOD Workspace Prepares Operators in a Virtual Underwater Environment EOD Workspace was developed for small, inspection class ROVs such as the VideoRay® MSS Defender® to specifically addr ...
  • OPENSEA Edge

    11 May 2023
    OPENSEA Edge is a hardware and software technology framework that provides the computing resources needed to power perception systems and manipulators, and enables advanced autonomous behaviors, allow ...
  • Safe C2

    11 May 2023
    Safe C2™ is a modular plugin for EOD Workspace that provides long range standoff command and control of ROVs. Safe C2 utilizes bandwidth management, compression, and data prioritization schemes to ens ...
  • Special Operations Forces Greensea has partnered with STIDD to provide a navigation, control, and communications solution for the Diver Propulsion Device. RNAV2 and the family of supporting products a ...
  • Bayonet 250

    10 May 2023
    Bayonet Ocean Vehicles autonomous underwater ground vehicles (AUGV) operate on land and on the seafloor across the continental shelf collecting the data that you need. Operate safely, free of weather ...
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