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FJ | Fernandez Jove

FJ | Fernandez Jove: Founded in 1972 with extensive experience in engineering (conceptual and detailed), manufacturing, turnkey installations (EPC) and commissioning, offering complete solutions for the following products and systems, especially within the marine market:


  • Flexible and adaptable solutions for remote control valve systems (RCVS) and quick closing valve systems (QCVS).
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic systems for the operation of high and medium pressure equipment.
  • Our own Control software to operate and monitor our systems.
  •  ILS Services (ILS Documentation, Logistics Engineering, Life Cycle Support, ...) supporting all phases of the project.


In addition, FJ| Fernandez Jove is the supplier of our own manufactured brands of valves (SAVAL) & multi cable transit System - MCT (HAWKE-HTS).


SAVAL | MARINE VALVES:  SAVAL has positioned itself as one of the leading European manufacturers of high quality marine valves. The main features of SAVAL are:


  • Wide range of valves manufactured for marine applications: Butterfly, Gate, Globe (Stop and SDNR type), Swing Check, Scuppers, Quick closing, Safety, Ball and special developments of valves for submarine applications.
  • Specialists in high durability bronze valves (RG-10/BrNiAl). Saval also manufactures valves in carbon steel (GS-C25), nodular cast iron (GGG40.3) and stainless steel (AISI316). And a range of sizes from DN15 to DN500.
  • 100% European sourced material.
  • Saval range shock tested (according to MIL-S-901D) for special marine requirements.
  • Saval range with Fire Safe certification.
  • Saval has experience in the certification of its valves by the main IACS companies (BV, Lloyds, RINA, PRS, ABS, ...).
  • Full traceability and logistical documentation records (3D-2D drawings, spare parts list, user manuals, ...). 

HAWKE TRANSIT SYSTEM (HTS),  is a manufacturer of modular sealing for the transit of cables and pipes supplying to customers all over the world. It is designed to provide protection against fire, water, gas, EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) EMI, explosion (EX), blast, noise and many more external agents, for Marine, Navy and Offshore penetrations.


Hawke Transit System offers cost effectiveness, speed of assembly, flexibility and total inspectability of the installation, being used in new building taking care of its lifecycle and in old installations with retrofit projects. We focus on being friendly with the environment, so NO waste product is generated during the installation process of our “green” blocks. We own an impressive list of test reports and certificates issues by test houses and certification bodies worldwide making our product a synonym of safety protecting life and goods.


To reduce the time of installation with our own #Smart-Tech, we operate the “Hawke Installers App” that makes easier and faster to carry out the installation of your transit increasing its safety and allow a detailed inspection.  Additionally, you can make use of our Design program for Engineering projects (HMS) that facilitates and speeds up the design of your cable transit projects, calculates the list of materials and the distribution automatically, allowing a complete transit digital documentation control and register. We also offer a wide Installation Training program for your installers so they will learn the best installation techniques thus saving time. 




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