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ELAC SONAR is a market leader in hydroacoustic systems for naval applications. Our product portfolio includes SONAR solutions, digital underwater communication systems as well as precision navigation sensors and multibeam echo sounders.

All our products are developed and manufactured in Kiel, Germany, and are renowned for their commitment to Open Architecture standards, modularity and acoustic performance – all based on decades of delivering highly reliable sonars, underwater telephones and echosounders .

We are specialised in equipping advanced submarines and newbuild vessels as well as developing customer-specific modernisation solutions fit to replace current installations. With our engineering expertise, we can offer design & installation consultancy plus logistics and technical service support for all hydroacoustic purposes, added with profound product training for operators and maintainers.

Founded as ELAC (Electroacustic GmbH) in 1926, our company has expanded its product range consistently. Today, ELAC SONAR systems and products are installed on almost all NATO vessels as well as on naval vessels around the globe.

In addition to a steady growth in the naval market, we have achieved a worldwide reputation for hydroacoustic systems on research vessels and are an established and reliable partner to the commercial shipping industry.

In 2020, ELAC SONAR became part of the Cohort plc Corporation.


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