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Weatherdeck Luminaire NVG

MARL International

Product Specification

The luminaire is bulkhead surface mounted with rear cable entry 12V DC NVIS White LED downward only unseen from outboard of the ship with light output suitable for use with Night Vision Goggles and Radar Deflection housing for open deck illumination. The product consists of a base unit, LED NVIS white lid unit, through bulk head threaded mounting pipe & external anti rotation fixing lug. 12V DC supply from JUNC0153


NVG Specification

DEF STAN 02-587 Pt3

Compliance to CAT B1

"Exterior Area Illumination" (MAX NRA 1.0E-9) MIL-STD-3009:

NVIS White IAW MIL-STD-3009 Colour Limits

Report No. CTL16-18 REV1


Shock Grade Zone: D     Shock Class: 4

IP Rating: 67



Main Body:                      Aluminium 6082-T6

Lens:                                  12mm Palsun Polycarbonate

O-ring Gasket:                 3.5mm 301-S707 Solid Silicone Sponge Rubber

Top & Bottom Gasket:   3mm Silicone Sponge Rubber

Lens Gaskets:                   3mm 301-S607 Solid Silicone Rubber Mounting Gasket:           6mm 301-S607 Solid Silicone Rubber Threaded Pipe:                316 Stainless Steel


Marl Part No: WD-WH-NVIS-01


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