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16 May 2023

NS72-36 Hull Mounted Sonar Amplifier


The NS72-36 is designed for hull mounted sonar systems.

 - 36 channels are available in a 72" high rack and the unit is 50% lighter and 40% less volume than other amplifiers.

 - The NS372-36 has analog and digital audio inputs to easily connect with existing controller systems. An IP-ready option is available for network connection.

 - Nautel HMS transmitters achieve their light weight by using switch mode power supplies (SMPS). State-of-the-art silicon carbide FET’s deliver 2 kW per channel capability at high efficiency.

 - Standard output bandwidth is 3 kHz to 12 kHz, with reduced output below 5 kHz and above 12 kHz.

 - The NS72-36 has IP-ready connectivity for control and audio, with parallel IO for easy connection to existing systems.

 - Nautel’s design expertise and customer care philosophy results in long and reliable life expectancy for its sonar amplifiers.

 - Nautel provides customer support for the products it has produced since it’s 1969 inception.

 - The NS72-36 amplifier is now installed on Royal Canadian Navy Frigates, as part of the UWSU major sensor upgrade.

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