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04 May 2023

MC1 Webbing Tie Down


A popular, lightweight, easy to use lashing, used extensively around the world, The MC1 was initially designed to secure helicopters to ship’s flight decks. This nylon webbing tie-down has a fast-single action over centre mechanism which gives tension and locking in one easy movement. It is impossible to over tension and the slack can be taken up without reloading the mechanism. Release is a reverse of the single action, giving a fast and effective securing system for many applications within the freight handling industry.

Historically this unit was chosen by the MOD because of its simplicity and its outstanding robust quality and has outlasted many other tensioning devices. This Civil Aviation Authority and Ministry of Defence approved system is rigorously tested to the lofty standards required by the defence and aircraft industry. The nylon is treated to resist abrasion and the effects of sunlight, the mechanical components are treated with defence standard coatings to give maximum durability.

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