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General Luminaire Dual Output NVG

MARL International

Product Specification

The luminaire is a surface mounted 25W LED to provide compartment illumination of passageways, flight crew rooms and night duty areas. The product consists of a base unit, LED NVIS white module, diffuser lens lid, 230Vac dual output power supply for general and reduced level illumination suitable for use with Night Vision Goggles & external fixing brackets.


NVG Specification

DEF STAN 02-587 Pt3

Compliance to CAT B1

"Exterior Area Illumination" (MAX NRA 1.0E-9) MIL-STD-3009:

NVIS White IAW MIL-STD-3009 Colour Limits

Report No. CTL08-18 REV1


Shock Tested to UK MOD Standards


IP Rating: 56



Main Body:                      1mm Zintec Steel

Lid:                                     1mm Zintec Steel

Lens:                                  3mm Polycarbonate

Lid Gasket:                       3mm 401-255FR Grade Silicone Sponge Rubber

Mount Brackets:             4mm Mild Steel


Marl Part No: GLM-SM-NVG-NW-DO-01


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