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11 May 2023

EOD Workspace

Greensea IQ
  • EOD Workspace
  • EOD Workspace
EOD Workspace EOD Workspace

EOD Workspace

Open Architecture operating environment for EOD Technicians using marine robotics

  • OPENSEA, open architecture software
  • Vehicle and hardware agnostic
  • Robust framework for new technology insertion
  • Open platform for multi-asset coordination

Comprehensive ROV navigation and control solution

  • Native and integrated software, not “add-on”
  • Payload and platform integration
  • Control, navigation, and operator interface

Key Features

Supervised autonomy and Task-based autonomy

  • Aids pilot operation and performance
  • Autonomous EOD tasks: Search, inspection, engagement

Integrated perception and payloads

  • Native support for video and sonar
  • Integrations for multiple payloads

Extendable through open interface

  • Emerging technology support
  • Preserves technical investments


Greensea offers several modules for EOD Workspace that can extend the functionality of the basic EOD Workspace system

  • Long range standoff command and control including tetherless seafloor to over-the-horizon communications
  • USV integration
  • Perception processing at the Edge
  • Advanced platform autonomy
  • Battlespace integration


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