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01 May 2023

360 Panoramic HD IR

Current Corp
  • 360 Panoramic HD IR
  • 360 Panoramic HD IR
360 Panoramic HD IR 360 Panoramic HD IR

The Panoramic HD IR is Current’s newest payload platform: it combines live panoramic surveillance with long-range intelligence in the ultimate electro-optical & infrared payload.
The panoramic camera array provides live panoramic high-definition infrared views of the situation around the vessel, while the PTZ unit provides a long-range investigation payload in a multisensory configuration.
The system can detect potential threats and alert the crew or AI based controller to investigate and evaluate risk in order to take early action to protect the vessel.
The long-range PTZ unit allows investigation and confirmation of the threat, while the panoramic camera maintains situational awareness at all times.
The panoramic HD IR can be controlled from the bridge of a ship or through an IP network in a security room or remote location.

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